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Emergency puncture repair kit

The emergency puncture repair kit, (TMK1) is used to seal a puncture as well as to check and adjust the air pressure in the tyre.

The puncture repair kit consists of a compressor and a bottle with sealing fluid. The sealing works as a temporary repair.


The sealing fluid is effective at sealing tyres with tread punctures but has limited ability to seal tyres with sidewall punctures. Do not use the emergency puncture repair kit on tyres displaying larger slits, cracks or similar damage.


The compressor is intended for temporary emergency puncture repair and is approved by Polestar.


The emergency puncture repair kit is located in the storage compartment under the bonnet.

PS2-2007-Temporary Mobility Kit storage

Sealing fluid expiry date

The bottle of sealing fluid must be replaced if the bottle's expiry date has passed (see the decal on the bottle). Treat the old bottle as environmentally hazardous waste.

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