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Brake fluid – specifications

The medium in a hydraulic brake system is called brake fluid, and it is used to transfer pressure from e.g. a brake pedal via a master brake cylinder to one or more slave cylinders, which in turn act on a mechanical brake.

Brake functions

The car's brakes are used to reduce the speed or prevent the car from rolling.

Auto braking after a collision

In the event of a collision in which the activation level is reached for the pyrotechnic seatbelt tensioners or airbags, or if a collision with a large animal is detected, the car's brakes are automatically applied. This function is to prevent or reduce the effects of any subsequent collision.

Braking when stationary

Braking when stationary (Hold) means that the driver can release the brake pedal while maintaining braking force when the car has stopped at a traffic light, for example.

Regenerative braking

The car recovers the brake energy and regenerates current to the battery when the driver releases the accelerator pedal or when the foot brake is used.

One Pedal Drive

There are three different levels of One Pedal Drive that indicate the regenerative braking effect that is controlled by the accelerator pedal, without using the brake pedal.

  • Foot brake

  • Parking brake