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Grilles aren’t required on an electric car.

Grilles aren’t required on an electric car.

And the space that they used to occupy is ideal for cameras, radar, and other technology that enhances the driving experience. This technology is impressive. Which is why we wanted to celebrate it. 

Cars contain an enormous amount of technology. From powertrains to infotainment, the number and complexity of the various components has never been higher. It can be a challenge, therefore, to incorporate these components in a way that doesn’t compromise on design, performance, comfort, or usability. And it’s long been the tradition to obscure this technology, integrating it into the car in order to preserve the initial design. We decided to go another way.

We decided to celebrate the technology.  

It’s a marvel, after all. From the cameras that enable advanced driver assistance systems, to the radars that actively monitor the car’s surroundings, the various technologies that inhabit the SmartZone have enable a safer, more contextualised driver experience.  

So, we decided to highlight them. 

Because Polestar and Volvo Cars share engineering expertise, Polestar 3 is built on almost 100 years of ground-breaking safety development. 

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