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Connecting the Polestar app to the vehicle

To be able to use the Polestar services, the app must first be linked to the vehicle.

Once a main user (administrator) has connected their app to the vehicle, additional vehicle users can be added.

Make sure that the vehicle is parked in a location with cellular coverage and that your phone has an internet connection and Bluetooth is enabled.

Make sure that you have your Polestar ID login credentials and the vehicle identification number (VIN) with you before you start. The Polestar ID can be created by logging in to the Polestar app, and the vehicle identification number can be found in the windshield, in the center display, etc.

The first user who connects their app to the vehicle must be logged in on the Owner profile and will become an administrator. All keys must be located in the vehicle when connecting an administrator account. If you have lost any of the keys, you must contact a workshop to either order a new key or block the lost key.

For other users (non-administrators), having one of the vehicle keys in the vehicle is sufficient.

Log in on the Polestar app and in the vehicle's center display using your Polestar ID.


For a more customized experience and support, it is recommended that every user create a personal Polestar ID.
Make sure that data sharing for Polestar Connect is enabled.
Go back to your profile in the center display, tap PS2-21w22-Profilinställningar pil and select Digital Key and remote functions.
Place the key(s) on the key reader in the tunnel console cup holder.
Log in to the Polestar app with your Polestar ID. Select to pair your vehicle and follow the instructions in the app and in the center display.

Switching phones

If you already have a phone paired with the vehicle and get a new phone, the connection to your old phone must be deleted before the new phone can be connected to the same user profile.

Tips when using the Polestar app

If you experience disruptions with the Polestar app even though the car to which the app is linked is outdoors in an open location with cellular coverage and your mobile device has a good Internet connection, contact Polestar Customer Support.

If the vehicle was previously owned, however, you should first check whether the Polestar Connect service is activated in the vehicle.