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Technician certification

In addition to Polestar factory training, Polestar supports certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E.).

Certified technicians have demonstrated a high degree of competence in specific areas. Besides passing exams, each technician must also have worked in the field for two or more years before a certificate is issued. These professional technicians are best able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary maintenance procedures to keep your Polestar in peak operating condition.

Electric vehicles

Technicians performing work on a vehicle with electrification should also have the necessary training and specialized certification required for performing repairs and/or maintenance on a vehicle with electrification.


A number of electrical components in electric vehicles use high-voltage current and can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. Contact Polestar Customer Support for more information about proper handling of these components and all orange cables in the vehicle.