Approach zones

Polestar 3 can sense the presence of an authorized driver by detecting the signal of their ultra-wideband or digital key. The car wakes up in stages as the driver approaches.

Rear storage

Polestar 3 has a large rear luggage compartment, which has been designed to maximize space and versatility. Small items can be stored in a practical net on the left side panel. The storage volume behind the rear seats from floor to ceiling is 21.1 ft3 (including 3.2 ft3 available under the floor compartment).
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The storage volume up to the rear seat backs is 17.1 ft³ (including 3.2 ft³ under rear floor compartment).

Foot-operated tailgate

The tailgate's automatic soft opening and closing function can be operated by making a single kicking motion under the left side of the rear bumper. Ideal when you're loading or unloading heavy or bulky items and have your hands full. 

A close-up of the corner of the rear storage compartment showing the grocery bag holder.

Foldable load floor

The cargo floor can fold up to create a foldable holder that supports grocery bags, either standing or hanging from hooks.

Available as an upgrade.

Loading mode

Besides enhancing comfort and handling, the active air suspension reduces the effort of loading and unloading. A button inside the rear luggage compartment lowers the back of the car by 1.57 inches, making it easier to lift items into the trunk. 

Looking down on the front of the car with the boot open.

Front storage

Polestar 3 has 1.1 ft³ additional storage space under the hood. The compartment also keeps the car's warning triangle and charging cables within reach.

Towbar Hitch (retractable, semi-electrical)

All versions of Polestar 3 produce enough torque to tow up to 3,500 lbs. The semi-electrical folding tow bar unfolds at the touch of a button in the trunk. Lock it into place manually. There’s a light on the button that indicates the locked status, and a message is shown in the Polestar 3 center display if it’s not locked. The trailer module in Polestar 3 communicates with the trailer, keeping the driver informed of any issues with the trailer’s indicators, brake lights, or other systems.

Available as an upgrade.

Polestar app

Convenience from a distance. Use the Polestar app to remotely activate climate control, lock and unlock the car, check battery status, and more.

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