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Polestar Connect messages

The following are examples of information messages that may appear when Polestar Connect is inoperative.

Discharged battery

If you receive a message that the vehicle's battery is discharged and waiting for the Polestar Connect system to wake up, this may be because the vehicle has not been used for a long period of time.

To save the battery when the vehicle is not used for prolonged periods, the Polestar Connect with Sensus Connect system is set to standby.

The Polestar Connect with Sensus Connect subscription is about to expire

45 days before the Polestar Connect subscription is due to expire, the message Polestar Connect subscription expires soon will appear in the vehicle's display. Users of the Android or iOS version of the Polestar 1 app will also receive reminders in the app.

Polestar Connect with Sensus Connect has been switched off

If your Polestar Connect subscription has expired and the Polestar Connect system has switched off, a message appears in the vehicle's display stating Polestar Connect subscription has expired.