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Polestar support

The support site contains information about e.g. logging in to the Polestar website, contact information and map downloads.

Downloadable information


On the Support page, you can download updates that you can load into your car with a USB stick. Examples of updates include new maps and improvements to the voice control system.

Polestar Customer Support

Contact information for Polestar Customer Support is available on the support site.

They can be contacted by phone or via the online form or chat feature on the website.

You can find all available phone numbers for Support on the support pages for each market at polestar.com.

Polestar Assistance

Polestar Assistance can offer assistance in the event of a breakdown or if your vehicle unexpectedly becomes immobilized. Polestar Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Press the ON CALL button in the vehicle or use the Polestar 1 app to contact Polestar Assistance.


Create a personal Polestar ID and go to polestar.com, where it is possible to get an overview of service, agreements and warranties, among other things.

You can also access information on model-specific extras and software for your vehicle.