Electric driving

Electric driving
Charging at home

Topping up the battery at home is the most convenient and inexpensive way to charge an electric car. Scroll on for the facts.

Topping up the battery at home is the most convenient and inexpensive way to charge an electric car. Scroll on for the facts.

Use a dedicated EV charging station

Even though it’s possible to plug an electric car into a regular mains socket, this should only be done temporarily. The high current demand of an EV calls for the use of a dedicated charging station to avoid overly long charging times and going against safety regulations. Another good reason to decide on a home EV-charger is convenience. Park the car, connect the cable and go about your business.

Mounting options

The go-to EV charger for home use is a wallbox, as it can easily be placed on an existing wall and connected to the wiring that’s already there. The other option is to mount it on a post, allowing for more freedom of placement. Expect slightly higher installation costs for the latter, as it will usually require a new underground mains connection.

The right type of charger

Choice paralysis is real, and the variety of home charging options is no exception. To simplify matters, we’ve narrowed it down to a single type of EV-charger, considering the set-up of the electricity supply and electric car compatibility. Modern EVs like Polestar 2 have the right specifications for this type of charger.

11kW AC Wallbox


11 kW

Charging time

0-100% charge in 8 hours / 37 miles of range per hour

Electricity supply

3-phase, 16 Amps

Installation tips

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    Order from a preferred supplier

    Car brands and leasing companies often work with carefully selected, certified suppliers of home charging solutions. Polestar UK, for instance, has teamed up with PodPoint to offer an uncomplicated transition to electric driving. When considering an EV, always ask about such partnerships as the companies involved will assist throughout the whole process, from choosing a charger to installation and use.

    Get a quote from PodPoint

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    Plan ahead

    Generally, installing a wallbox takes less than a day, but the supplier does need time to do their due diligence. Plan the installation well in advance of delivery.

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