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Safety mode

Safety mode is a protective state that is triggered when a collision may have damaged any of the car's vital functions, such as the high voltage system, sensors for any of the safety systems, or the brake system.

If the car has been in a collision, the message Safety mode See Manual may be shown on the driver display with a warning symbol as long as the display is not damaged and the car's electrical system is still in working order. This message means that the car has reduced functionality.

If the car is in safety mode, it is possible to attempt to reset the system in order to start and move the car for a short distance, if in a dangerous traffic situation for example.


Never attempt to repair your car or reset the electronics yourself if the car has been in safety mode. This could result in personal injury or the car not functioning as normal. Contact Polestar Customer Support for help with completing the check and restoring the car to normal status after Safety mode See Manual has been displayed.


If the car is in safety mode it must not be towed. It must be transported from its location. Contact Polestar Customer Support.