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Driver display settings

Change display mode or set what should be shown in the driver display.

App menu

PS2-2007-Driver display app menu
Overview of app menu.

Trip computer - Information on trip meter and odometer, among other things.

Managing the app menu

PS2-2122-Right steering wheel switch
Right-hand keypad on the steering wheel.
  1. PS-Icon circle 1Close menu/change display mode
  2. PS-Icon circle 2Left/right
  3. PS-Icon circle 3Up/down
  4. PS-Icon circle 4Open menu/confirm

The app menu closes after a period of inactivity or after certain options have been selected.


It is not possible to open the app menu while there is an unacknowledged message in the driver display. The message has to be confirmed first before the app menu can be opened.

Display modes

The driver display has two different display modes that are changed via the PS2-2007-Display mode button button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel.

  • Calm - the middle section of the driver display is empty.
  • Navigation - a map is shown of the entire driver display.

Settings in the centre display

Driver display settings are made via the centre display.
Press PS2_2007_App view symbol.
Press PS2_2007_Settings symbol.
Select Screen.
Select Trip computer.
Change the settings you want.

These settings are personal and are saved to the active user profile.