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Charging the high voltage battery

Charging in the car's centre display

From the centre display it is possible to set state of charge (SoC), unlock the charging cable and set amperage.

Charging status in the car's driver display

The driver display shows the status for charging with both image and text. The information is shown for as long as the driver display is operating.

Charging status in the car's charging input socket

The LED lamp in the car's charging input socket shows the current status for charging in progress. The table below gives explanations for the different shades of the LED lamp.

General information on the charging cable

When AC charging, use a mode 3 charging cable. Some charging stations have a permanent charging cable, while for others, you need to connect your or the car's own cable.

Ground fault breaker in charging cable

The charging cable's control unit has a built-in ground fault breaker that protects the car and the user from electric shocks caused by system faults.

Charging status in the charging cable's control unit

The LED lamp on the charging cable's control unit shows the status of ongoing charging, as well as status after completed charging.

Charging cable temperature monitoring

For the car's battery to be charged safely every time, the control unit for the charging cable and the plug have built-in monitoring devices for the temperature.

Charging an electric car via a wall socket

The car can be charged via a wall socket if no other charging options are available.

Charging an electric car

Charge the car via a charging station at home or via a public charging station.

Ending charging of an electric car

End charging at any time by pressing the button next to the charging input socket or via the button in the centre display.

Symbols and messages relating to electric operation in driver display

If a fault should occur with the car's electric drive, a symbol and a message are shown in the driver display. Here are some examples.

Charging time

The following charging times are approximate and are applicable when air conditioning or any other consumer is not affecting charging. Charging time may also vary depending on battery size. If charging time seems long, it should be investigated.