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The Polestar app

Activating data sharing for Polestar Connect

For the Polestar app to be able to retrieve data from the car and you to be able to fully use the functions in the app, data sharing for Polestar Connect needs to be activated. You can do this either in the car's centre display or in the Polestar app.

Lock function in the Polestar app

The Polestar app shows the current lock status, and you can both lock and unlock your car remotely.

Devices compatible with the Polestar app

The Polestar app is available for iPhone and Android phones.

The Polestar app

As a Polestar Connect user you have access to the Polestar app that enables you to maintain contact with your car via various app functions.

Connecting the Polestar app to the car

To be able to use the Polestar app's services, the app first has to be connected to the car.

Troubleshooting problems with the Polestar app

There are several things you can try if you have problems activating or using the functions in the Polestar app.

Difference between administrator and user in the Polestar app

The car's Owner profile must be linked to the app before linking can take place for another profile. To be allocated the administrator role requires that all of the car's keys are in the car when the app is linked.

See the car's location in the Polestar app

When the car is parked, you can see the address and the car's location on a map in the Polestar app.

Battery level and range in the Polestar app

The Polestar app shows the car's current battery level and an estimate of how far the car can be driven on the existing charge.

Climate function in the Polestar app

You can use the Polestar app to start the climate control remotely in order to achieve a comfortable temperature in the car prior to departure.

Other languages and measuring units in the Polestar app

You can set the language and measuring units to be used in the Polestar app.

Deactivating the link between the car and the Polestar app

Before the Polestar app is uninstalled, you must ensure that the coupling between the app and the car has been deleted. If merely the Polestar app is deleted, a problem may arise with connection to the car in the future.