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The Polestar app

As a Polestar Connect user you have access to the Polestar app that enables you to maintain contact with your car via various app functions1.

What the Polestar app can be used for2

Have control of the car

Use the app to control the climate in the car, lock doors, localise the car, view battery and charge status, and to keep track of software installations.

Manage your car

Get a detailed overview of your car. Read the owner's manual, connect to the car, manage users and book an appointment for a service.

Stay up to date

Get regular updates about the car and software, or dive deeper into Polestar's world with our news articles.

Always with support

Contact our support team, chat live with our experts and search in the FAQ section for answers.

Manage your experience

View and manage your orders and Polestar ID, visit the car configurator and Extras shop, and adjust app settings.

Download the Polestar app

The Polestar app is available for iPhone and Android phones. Download it free-of-charge from Apple App Store or Google Play. The app is updated regularly.

An Internet connection is required

When you use the Polestar app, your mobile device will send and receive data via the Internet. If you do not have a data plan, then your mobile network operator may charge you for that data. If you use the app abroad, you may be charged for data roaming. For more information, contact your mobile service provider.

  1. 1 Both the car and mobile device have to have mobile coverage or another Internet connection.
  2. 2 The contents of the Polestar app and the functions available can vary depending on the market. They can also vary over time.