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Towbar-mounted bicycle rack*

Follow the specified recommendations for using a towbar-mounted bicycle rack.

Carefully follow the instructions enclosed with the bicycle rack.

  • Bicycle rack including load must weigh a maximum of 75 kg (165 pounds).
  • Rear Auto Brake should be deactivated before driving with a bicycle rack without connector.


Incorrect use of the bicycle rack may result in damage to the towbar and car.

The bicycle rack may come loose from the towbar if it
  • is mounted incorrectly on the towball.
  • is overloaded, see the bicycle rack instructions for max. load weight
  • is used for any purpose other than transporting bicycles.
The car's driving characteristics are affected when a bicycle rack is fitted on the towbar. For example due to:
  • increased weight
  • reduced acceleration capacity
  • reduced ground clearance
  • changed braking capacity.


Pilot Assist cannot be activated if a trailer, bicycle rack or similar is connected to the car's electrical system.

Recommendations for loading bicycles on the bicycle rack

The larger the distance between the load's centre of gravity and the towball, the greater the load on the towbar.

Load according to the following recommendations:
  • Fit the heaviest bicycle furthest in, closest to the car.
  • Keep the load symmetrical and as close to the centre of the car as possible e.g. by loading the bicycles facing alternately if several bicycles are loaded.
  • Remove loose objects from the bicycle for transportation, e.g. bicycle basket, battery, child seat. Partly to reduce the load on the towbar and bicycle rack, and partly to reduce the wind resistance, which affects range.
  • Do not use protective covers on the bicycles. This may affect manoeuvring, impede visibility and increase energy consumption. It may also lead to an increased load on the towbar.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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