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Driving with a trailer

When driving with a trailer, there are a number of points that are important to think about regarding the towbar, the trailer and how the load is positioned in the trailer.

Payload depends on the car's kerb weight. The total of the weight of the passengers and all accessories, e.g. towbar, reduces the car's payload by a corresponding weight.

The car is supplied with the necessary equipment for towing a trailer.

  • The car's towbar must be of an approved type.
  • Distribute the load on the trailer so that the weight on the towbar complies with the specified maximum towball load. Towball load is calculated as part of the car's payload.
  • Increase the tyre pressure to the recommended pressure for a full load.
  • The electric motor is loaded more heavily than usual when driving with a trailer.
  • Do not tow a heavy trailer when the car is brand new. Wait until it has been driven at least 1000 km (620 miles).
  • Follow the regulations in force for the permitted speeds and weights.
  • Maintain a low speed when driving with a trailer up long, steep ascents.
  • Avoid driving with a trailer on inclines of more than 12%.
  • Auto Rear Brake should be deactivated before driving with a trailer.

Trailer weights


Follow the specified trailer weight recommendations. The entire combination may otherwise be difficult to control under braking and during evasive manoeuvres.


The specified maximum permitted trailer weights are those permitted by Polestar. National vehicle regulations may further restrict trailer weight and speed. The towbars can be certified for higher towing weights than the car is allowed to tow.

When driving in hilly terrain and hot climates

Under certain circumstances, there may be a risk of overheating when towing a trailer. If the electric motor and drive system overheat, a warning symbol comes on in the driver display and a message is displayed.

Parking on a hill

Depress the brake pedal.
Activate the parking brake.
Release the brake pedal.

Block the wheels with chocks when parking a car with hitched trailer on a hill.

Starting on a hill

Depress the brake pedal.
Select gear position D or R and accelerate.
The parking brake releases and the symbol in the driver display extinguishes. The car can now be driven.