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Enter the characters, letters and words manually in the centre display

The centre display keyboard allows you to enter characters, letters and words on the screen by "drawing" by hand.
PS2-2007-All-Keypad enable handwriting

Press the button on the keyboard to change from typing with the keys to entering letters and characters by hand.

PS2- 2007- Symbol keyboard

Return to the keyboard with regular character input.

Writing characters/letters/words by hand

Write a character, a letter, a word or parts of a word in the area for hand-written letters. Write a word or parts of a word above each other or on a line.
A number of suggested characters, letters or words is shown. The most likely choice is found at the top of the list.


Do not use sharp objects on the screen as they may scratch it.
Enter the character/letters/word by waiting a moment.
The character/letter/word at the top of the list is entered. It is also possible to select a different character by pressing the required character, letter or word in the list.