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Available information

Polestar works continuously to develop the user information. The information is available when you need it in several different channels.

The car's centre display

The complete and current information for your car is always available in the car's centre display.

To access the Manual – tap on PS2_2007_App view symbol and then on PS2- 2007- Owners manual textsymbol.

Find information by:
  • using the search function
  • visually navigating using exterior and interior images
  • clicking through categories.

The manual contains important safety instructions. Polestar recommends that you read the information under each category in its entirety before driving for the first time.


The digital Manual is not available while driving.

Polestar's manual pages

Go to polestar.com/manual and select your country. The Manual can be found online here. Polestar's manual pages also include instruction videos and further information and assistance relating to your Polestar and your car ownership.

On the manual page, you can find the following:
  • online version of the Manual
  • popular articles
  • video tutorials.

The manual pages are updated with the latest information and are available for most markets.


The driver is always responsible that the vehicle is driven safely in traffic and that applicable laws and regulations are followed. It is also important that the car is maintained and handled in accordance with Polestar's recommendations in the manual information.

Information in the centre display for your car may differ from the information shown on Polestar's manual pages.


Changing the language in the centre display may mean that some manual information is not compliant with national or local laws and regulations.

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