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Reading the Manual

To help you get to know your new car, read the Manual before you drive it for the first time.

Reading the Manual is a way to become familiar with new functions, get advice on how to handle the car in different situations and learn how to make use of all the car's features. Please pay attention to the safety instructions and important prompts contained in the Manual. The different sections should be read in their entirety.

The intention of this Manual is to explain all possible functions, options and accessories included in a Polestar vehicle. It is not intended as an indication or guarantee that all of these features, functions and options are included in every vehicle. Some terminology used may not exactly match terminology used in sales, marketing and advertising materials.

Development work is constantly underway in order to improve our product. Modifications may mean that information, descriptions and illustrations in the Manual differ from the equipment in the car. We reserve the right to make modifications without prior notice.


Information in the centre display for your car may differ from the information shown on Polestar's manual pages.

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In addition to standard equipment, the Manual also describes options (factory fitted equipment) and certain accessories (retrofitted extra equipment).

All, at the time of publication known, options and accessories are marked with an asterisk: *.

The equipment described in the Manual is not available in all cars - they have different equipment depending on adaptations for the needs of different markets and national or local laws and regulations.

In the event of uncertainty over what is standard or an option/accessory, contact Polestar Customer Support.

Special texts


Warning texts appear if there is a risk of injury.


Important texts appear if there is a risk of damage.


Note texts give advice or tips that facilitate the use of e.g. features and functions.


The car contains different types of decal which are designed to convey important information in a clear manner. The decals in the car have the following descending degree of importance for the warning/information.

Warning of personal injury

PS2- 250w07- Decal warning

Black ISO symbols on yellow warning field, white text/image on black message field. Used to indicate the presence of danger which, if the warning is ignored, may result in serious personal injury or fatality.

Risk of property damage

PS2- 20w07- Decal notice

White ISO symbols and white text/image on black or blue warning field and message field. Used to indicate the presence of danger which, if the warning is ignored, may result in damage to property.


PS2- 20w07- Decal information

White ISO symbols and white text/image on black message field.


It is not intended that the decals illustrated in the Manual should be exact replicas of those in the car. They are included to show their approximate appearance and location in the car. The information that applies to your particular car is available on the respective decals for your car.

Illustrations and video clips

Illustrations and video clips used in the Manual are sometimes schematic and are intended to provide an overall picture or example of a certain function. They may deviate from the car's appearance depending on equipment level and market.

  1. * Option/accessory.