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User profiles

User profiles

Many of the settings made in the car can be saved in a personal user profile.

Connect key to user profile

It is possible to connect your key to a profile. In this way, the profile is selected automatically with all its settings every time the specific key is identified during unlocking or opening the driver door.

Managing user profiles

It is possible to switch to another profile even if the key being used is linked to a different profile.

Profile settings

In profile settings, you can change profile name, add and remove linked keys, link accounts, such as Polestar ID and Google, activate lock screen, as well as delete the active profile. It is possible to assign administrator privileges to a profile by clicking the Become an admin option in Profile settings, which is required in order to be able to reset network settings or reset the car to factory settings.

Link account to user profile

It is possible to add accounts to a selected user profile. Examples of accounts that can be added are Polestar ID and Google account.

Approval of terms and conditions and data collection

Messages about different terms and conditions and data collection can be shown in the centre display. Collection of data takes place to provide better car, safety and app functions, for example.