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Cargo area

Luggage compartment and cargo area

The car has a flexible cargo area that makes it possible to transport and secure large objects. There is also a front luggage compartment under the bonnet.

Bag hooks

Bag hooks keep carrier bags in place and prevent them from overturning and spreading their contents across the cargo area.

Through-load hatch in the rear seat

The hatch in the rear seat's backrest can be opened to transport long narrow items, e.g. skis.

Removing parcel shelf

The parcel shelf can be removed to increase the size of the cargo area.

Load retaining eyelets

Use the load retaining eyelets to attach straps in order to anchor items in the cargo area.

Warning triangle

Use the warning triangle to warn other road users if the car is stationary in traffic.

Dimensions, cargo area

You can find the dimensions of the cargo area in your car here. Use the figure to look up the dimensions you want to find and then check the corresponding letter in the table below.