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Audio and media

Audio and media

The car's audio system takes account of, for example, the position of the listener and the speed of the car. The centre display provides access to radio and music apps, and additional third-party apps in music and media can be downloaded via Google Play.

Storage space on hard disk

It is possible to view how much free space there is on the car's hard disk.

Sound settings

Sound reproduction quality is preset, but can be adjusted as well.

Media playback

Regardless of the media app used, a Now playing field is shown in the centre display.

Playing online games in the centre display

You can connect a gamepad via the USB port in the car to play online games in the centre display.

Connection and entertainment

The car has an intelligent interface and offers online connectivity with the digital world. An intuitive navigation structure makes it possible to receive relevant support, information and entertainment when it is necessary, without distracting the driver.

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