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Checking trailer lights*

When connecting a trailer – check that all lights on the trailer work before departure.

Checking trailer lights*

Automatic check

After connecting a trailer electrically, it is possible to ensure that the lights on the trailer are working by means of automatic light activation. This function helps the driver to check that the lights on the trailer are working prior to departure.

When a trailer is connected to the towbar, the message Perform a trailer lamp check? is shown in the driver display.
Confirm the message by pressing the right-hand steering wheel keypad's O button.
The light check starts.
Get out of the car to check that the lights are working.
All the lights on the trailer start flashing, then the lights come on one at a time.
Check visually to make sure that all the lights available on the trailer are working.
After a while, all the lights on the trailer will flash again.
The check is complete.

Checking trailer lights

To change the settings for checking trailer lights:
Tap on PS2-2007-Car symbol in the centre display.
Press More.
Select Exterior lights.
Change the preferred settings.

Rear fog lamp on trailer

When a trailer is connected, the rear fog lamp may not be illuminated on the car. In this case, the rear fog lamp function is moved to the trailer. Therefore, in these cases, check when the rear fog lamp is activated that the trailer is equipped with rear fog lamp in order to drive the vehicle combination in a safe manner.

Symbols and messages in the driver display

If one or more of the trailer's direction indicator or brake light bulbs is broken, the driver display shows a symbol and a message. Other lights on the trailer have to be checked manually by the driver prior to departure.

PS2-21w22-Trailer turn indicator

Right trailer turn indicator malfunction

Left trailer turn indicator malfunction

PS2-21w22-Trailer brake light
Trailer brake light malfunction

If any of the direction indicator bulbs on the trailer is broken, the driver display symbol for the direction indicators also flashes more quickly than normal.

  1. * Option/accessory.

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