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The car is equipped with electronic climate control. The climate control system cools or heats as well as dehumidifies the air in the passenger compartment.

All climate control system functions are controlled from the centre display and physical buttons in the centre console.

Most climate functions can also be controlled using voice control. Some functions require an Internet connection for use with voice control.

Activation of climate control

The climate control functions are available when someone is sitting in the driver's seat or the centre display is in use.1

Climate control starts automatically during fast charging.


If necessary, the climate control can be used to cool down the media system in the centre display. In these cases, the message Cooling infotainment system is shown in the driver display.


Heating or cooling cannot be hastened by selecting a higher or lower temperature than the actual desired temperature.


If the battery's charge level falls below 3%, the climate control will be switched off to save energy.
  1. 1 Usage mode Comfort