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Display mode for road sign information*

The Road Sign Information function (RSI1) shows road signs in different ways depending on the sign and the situation.

The function is available in certain markets.

PS2-2007-Road Sign Information shown in driver display
Example2 of detected speed information.

When the function detects a road sign with an imposed speed limit the driver display shows the sign as a symbol.

Since speed-related information is obtained from map data, the driver display can show or change information on the speed limit without having passed a speed-related sign.

PS-1926-Prohibition for overtaking

An additional sign, such as "no overtaking", may be shown together with the speed limit symbol.

PS-1926-Prohibition for driving direction

At an entrance with no-entry signs, or with a prohibition confirmed by a sign and map data, the driver is warned with a flashing symbol in the driver display and, depending on settings, an audible warning.3

Speed limit or end of motorway

When the function identifies an "indirect speed limit sign" stating the end of the current speed limit – e.g. at the end of a motorway – a symbol is temporarily shown with the corresponding road sign in the driver display.

Normal speed limit signs are displayed in normal cases even if an indirect speed limit sign has been passed. Indirect speed limit signs are only shown if there is no information in the map data on the speed limit for the section of road in question.

Example of indirect speed limit sign:

PS-1926-All previous speed limitations voided

End of all restrictions.

PS-1926-Highway ending

End of motorway.

Changed speed limit

When passing a direct speed limit sign when a speed limit changes a symbol with the corresponding road sign appears in the driver's display.

PS-1926-Speed limit sign

Example of direct speed limit sign.

The driver display symbol goes out after a short while and comes on again when the next speed related sign is passed.

Speed limit signs are shown in the driver display when map data contains information on the speed limit for the road section in question, even if no direct sign has been passed. If there is no information in the map data, the sign goes out after a certain amount of time.

Additional signs

PS2-2007-Additional road signs
Examples of additional signs.

Sometimes different speed limits are signed for the same road - an additional sign then indicates the circumstances under which the different speeds apply. The road section may be particularly susceptible to accidents in rain and/or fog, for example.

An additional sign relating to rain is displayed only if the windscreen wipers are in use.

PS-1926-Additional signs for limitations

Some speed limits only apply after a certain distance or at a certain time of day. The driver's attention is drawn to this fact by means of a symbol for an additional sign below the speed symbol.

Sign for "School" and "Children at play"

PS-1926-Warning for school or playing children

The driver display can show a sign for School or Children at Play, if the data is available.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Road Sign Information
  3. 2 Road signs are market-dependent - the illustrations in these instructions only show examples.
  4. 3 Applies to certain markets.