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The shock absorbers control the car's body movements as required while also insulating from undulations in the road. The aim of this is to provide as much comfort and function as possible while driving.

Manually adjustable shock absorbers*

The car is fitted with Öhlins adjustable shock absorbers. There are three recommended positions for front and rear shock absorber settings. Besides the factory setting Nominal, there is a harder setting, Track, and a softer setting, Comfort.


Track mode makes the car's shock absorption harder. The mode is adapted for driving on smooth roads or during active driving.


The Nominal mode is suitable for daily driving on public roads. The mode is the car's factory setting, which is a balance between Sport and Comfort.


The Comfort mode provides softer damping that minimises road disruption while maintaining control.


The factory settings may vary between different markets.
  1. * Option/accessory.