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Key range

The car's physical keys work within a certain distance from the car.

The range differs for different key functions. The car has multiple antennas and sensor areas to detect if a key is in or near the car, or if the standard key buttons are used.


The key functions may be disrupted by surrounding radio waves, buildings, topographical conditions, etc. The car can always be locked or unlocked using the key blade.

Range for key button functions

The button functions of the standard key have a range of approx. 20 metres (65 feet) from the car.

If the car does not respond to a button press – get closer to the car and try again.

Range for keyless use

PS-2007-Key range
The sensor areas of the keyless system.

For keyless use, a key must be near the car. The sensor areas have a radius of approx. 1.5 metres (5 feet) on the long sides and approx. 1 metre (3 feet) at the tailgate.

If the key is removed from the car

PS2-20w07-Key not found symbol

If the key is removed from the car when it is running, the warning message Car key not detected See Manual is shown in the driver display and an acoustic reminder sounds if all doors are closed.

When the key is back in the car, the message disappears when all doors have been closed or the O button on the steering wheel is pressed.