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Fuses and central electrical units

The car's electrical system and many of its components are protected against short circuit or overload by a number of fuses.


Never use a foreign object or a fuse with an amperage higher than that specified when replacing a fuse. This could cause significant damage to the electrical system and possibly lead to fire.


Orange-coloured cables must only be handled by qualified personnel.


Several components in the car work with high-voltage current that could be dangerous in the event of incorrect intervention.

Do not touch anything that is not clearly described in the Manual for the car.

If an electrical component or function does not work, it may be because its fuse was overloaded. If the same fuse is needs to be replaced repeatedly then there is probably a fault in the component. In which case, it is recommended to contact Polestar Customer Support.

Location of central electrical units

PS2-2007-Fuse boxes location LHD
  1. PS-Icon circle 1Under the bonnet
  2. PS-Icon circle 2Under the glovebox