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The car is equipped with airbags and inflatable curtains for driver and passengers.


The detectors react differently depending on the nature of the collision and whether or not the seatbelts are fastened. Applies to all belt positions.

It is therefore possible that only one (or none) of the airbags may inflate in a collision. The detectors sense the force of the collision on the vehicle and the action is adapted accordingly so that none, one or more airbags are deployed.


The airbag system's control module is located in the centre console. If the centre console has been drenched with water or other liquid, disconnect the cables to the 12 V battery. Do not attempt to start the car since the airbags may deploy. Recovering the car. Contact Polestar Customer Support.

Deployed airbags

If any of the airbags have deployed, the following is recommended:
  • Recovering the car. Contact Polestar Customer Support. Do not drive with deployed airbags.
  • Contact Polestar Customer Support for replacement of components in the car's safety system.
  • Seek medical attention if necessary.


Never drive with deployed airbags. They can make steering difficult. Other safety systems may also be damaged. The smoke and dust created when the airbags are deployed can cause skin and eye irritation/injury after intensive exposure. In case of irritation, wash with cold water. The rapid deployment sequence and airbag fabric may cause friction and skin burns.