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Roadside assistance with Polestar Connect

If you have a puncture or your battery is discharged, for example, you can summon assistance with the CONNECT button or the Polestar app.

If you hold down the CONNECT button in the roof for at least 2 seconds, verbal contact will be established between Polestar Assistance and the driver. The aim of this is to agree on what assistance is required. If data sharing for Polestar Connect is activated, a message about the car's position is also sent to Polestar Assistance.


The SOS button must only be used in the event of accident, illness or an external threat against the car and its passengers. The SOS function is only intended for emergency situations. Abuse may lead to supplementary charges.

The CONNECT button is used to call for roadside assistance.

The Polestar app can be used to find other services.

Roadside assistance costs

The costs for roadside assistance are covered for the first 3 years1 when you buy a new Polestar. Polestar Customer Support can give you information on the status of your roadside assistance agreement.

Polestar Connect can help you get back on the road, even if your Roadside Assistance agreement has expired. In this case, you will be asked to pay the cost for the service that is sent out to you.


If you do not have a valid road assistance agreement, additional recovery costs mat apply.
  1. 1 For the USA, 4 years apply, for Australia and Switzerland it is 5 years.