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It is possible to listen to both FM and DAB channels.

PS2-2007-Radio app icon

The radio can be operated via the centre display, the steering wheel keypad or voice control.

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More radio apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

Linking between DAB and FM

The function makes it possible to change from an FM or DAB channel with poor or no reception to the same channel in another channel group (ensemble) with better reception, within DAB and/or between DAB and FM. DAB to DAB, DAB to FM and FM to DAB are all supported. Linking can be activated under Settings in the radio app.


When DAB/FM linking is activated, the channel list only contains channels with good reception, and duplicates with poorer reception are removed, irrespective of whether it is an FM or DAB broadcast. When DAB/FM linking is not activated, DAB and FM channels are located in their own tabs.

Quick commands

When the app is used, it can also be controlled via quick commands in the home view.

Radio messages1

Different types of radio messages, e.g. traffic news and societally important information, can be set under settings in the radio app.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to certain markets.