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Setting radio favourites*

It is possible to add a radio channel to the list of radio favourites that are shown as a separate tab in the radio app.

Radio Favourites

To save radio channels to your list of favourites, proceed as follows:
Open the radio app from the home view or app view.
Tap on the star PS-1926-Phone-Favorite star next to the radio channel that you want to add to your list of radio favourites. The star is then filled in orange to confirm the selection.
The radio channel is added to your list of favourites.

DAB channels sort into alphabetical order from the top, followed by the FM channels sorted by frequency.

To delete a radio channel from your list of favourites, tap on the star again. The orange fill disappears to confirm that the radio channel has been deleted from the list of favourites.

It is also possible to select and deselect favourites via the Now playing view which is accessed by expanding the Now playing field to full screen mode.

  1. * Option/accessory.

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