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Stolen Vehicle Tracking with Polestar Connect

If car theft is suspected, contact Polestar assistance via the Polestar app to attempt to locate the car.1

If theft or other illegal use of the car has been confirmed, the car's owner may agree with the police and Polestar assistance to track the car.


This also applies if the car was opened and stolen with the associated key.
The following needs to be done:
Contact Polestar assistance and tell them you want help tracking the car. The tracking starts.
Make a police report.
Contact Polestar assistance again and notify them of the police case number.
Polestar assistance informs the police of the car's position.


For the car to be tracked, a police report must be made. Polestar assistance only discloses information to the police.
  1. 1 Available services vary depending on market.