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Economical driving

To achieve the longest possible range, the driver should plan driving and adapt the driving method and speed to the prevailing situation.

Before driving

  • Precondition the car before driving if possible using the charging cable connected to the mains power circuit.
  • If preconditioning is not possible when it is cold outside, use seat heating and steering wheel heating first of all. Avoid warming up the whole of the interior which takes energy from the battery.
  • Choice of tyres and tyre pressures can affect energy consumption – seek advice on suitable tyres from Polestar Customer Support.
  • Remove unnecessary items from the car - the greater the load the higher the consumption.

During driving

  • Drive at a steady speed and keep a good distance to other vehicles and objects in order to avoid braking.
  • The battery is recharged under braking by:
    • braking gently using the brake pedal.
    • releasing the accelerator pedal and making sure that regenerative brake recovery is set to Standard.
  • High speed results in increased energy consumption – because the wind resistance increases with speed.
  • In a cold climate, reduce electrical heating of windows, mirrors, seats and steering wheel, if possible.
  • Avoid driving with open windows.
  • Do not hold the car stationary on a hill using the accelerator pedal, use the brake function instead when stationary.
  • When driving a short distance after preconditioning, switch off the climate control if possible.

After driving

  • If possible, park in an air-conditioned garage with a charging option.