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Polestar ID

Polestar ID

Polestar ID is a personal ID that gives access to various services via a single username and password.

Creating a Polestar ID

It is possible to create a Polestar ID in different ways.

Adding a new car to your Polestar ID

If you bought your car via Polestar, it will automatically be registered to your Polestar ID. No further action is necessary. If you did not buy your car through Polestar, you must claim ownership rights in order to have full use of your car.

Removing a car from your Polestar ID

If you have sold your car you can remove it from your Polestar ID.

Problems logging in with Polestar ID

This article describes problems that may arise when logging in with Polestar ID. If you have forgotten your password or the username linked to your Polestar ID, for example.

Change of market when importing or relocating

If you import a car or move to a different country with your car, you should contact Polestar Customer Support to get help with registering your car in the new country. If you do not do this then you may experience that apps, the Polestar app, software downloads and other online services are affected and do not work correctly.