Daniela V. Fernandez: Accelerating solutions

Spend a day exploring the Bay Area with the founder of Sustainable Ocean Alliance

For Daniela V. Fernandez, exploration and curiosity are prerequisites for innovation. She loves an adventure. “You just have to get up and go and be with the road. Riding in the Polestar 2 I was able to feel as though I was on my own and one with the car.”

Daniela started Sustainable Ocean Alliance with a focus on tangible impacts. The Silicon Valley-based non-profit supports young leaders, ocean impact projects, and ocean-tech startups worldwide as they innovate towards technological solutions for ocean health and climate change. 

“Innovation and technology are so important, not just to create — but to adopt. We cannot be spectators. We have to be active creators and doers.”


Sebastian Herkner talking at his design studio

Designing for the digital world: Why Sebastian Herkner wants to reengage our senses

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