Polestar Space grand openings

Polestar is a digital brand, but not entirely so. We have offices. We have manufacturing facilities. And we have Spaces.

Our take on the automotive retail experience, Spaces are rendered in glass and concrete, stripping away distraction and putting the cars in focus. Component walls, atelier tables, and material samples bring elements of the Polestar universe to the fore. Virtual and augmented reality solutions let visitors interact with our products in previously unseen ways. Our configurator allows guests to spec up a chosen car, and even transfer said configurations to a mobile device to consider next steps at their leisure.

Polestar Space
Polestar Space

Oslo and Beijing

And now, with Oslo in the west and Beijing in the east, Polestar’s first two Spaces are officially open.

The Oslo opening began with an orderly, but excited, queue outside Øvre Slottsgate 7 as Polestar COO Jonathan Goodman and Oslo Space Manager Asif Rana cut a golden seatbelt (any anti-safety symbolism was unintentional), officially inaugurating Polestar’s first European Space. Within minutes, the Space was filled to the brim, creating an air of palpable enthusiasm. International and Norwegian press conducted interviews, visitors flocked to the atelier tables and component walls, and the VR headset (courtesy of Finnish VR firm Varjo) was never without an eager user.

Beijing’s was similar. Chinese and international press mingled with an excited public in the first Asian Polestar Space, located in Beijing’s Parkview Green shopping centre. Configurations were made, material samples were examined, and the cars dominated the proceedings.


The Spaces occupy two markedly different environments, and it’s a testament to the Polestar brand that whether you’re in a century-old building in a European capital, or a design-oriented eco-friendly mega mall in China, once you step into the Space the experience is the same: pure, progressive performance.

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