Polestar 4: Everything you need to know

Polestar 4 has arrived in Europe and Australia. To mark this occasion, our Head of Design, Maximilian Missoni, guides you through his must-know features that make Polestar 4 a new breed of SUV coupé.

As a surprise to no one, Maximilian’s favourite Polestar 4 feature is its design. And we couldn’t agree more. Our minimalist design language and philosophy of creating beauty in the tiniest of details are easy to see when looking at the car.

1. Dual blade headlights

The signature dual blade headlamps represent a continuation of key elements first shown on the Polestar Precept, and an illuminated Polestar badge on the nose of the car, which uses millimetre-precision lighting from below, provides a “beautifully, elegantly elevated logo.”

2. Frameless side-view mirrors

On top of that, the frameless side-view mirrors offer the same clean design language. For those looking to put their own mark on the car, Maximilian points out that the lower cladding is also customisable to your preference.

3. The eliminated Rear-Window

But the headline-grabber is, of course, the eliminated rear window. Instead, the rear-view mirror has been replaced by a high-definition screen that shows a real-time feed from a roof-mounted rear camera – enabling a far wider field of view than can be experienced in most modern cars.

For any parents wondering how they will be able to keep up with what’s going on in the back seat, the digital feed can be deactivated, turning the digital rear-view mirror back into a regular mirror.

4. Spacious backseats

Speaking of the back seats, Polestar 4 has taken comfort and made it a top priority. Not only is there plenty of space for your legs, but due to the elimination of the rear window, the glass roof stretches beyond the rear occupants’ heads, creating a truly unique interior ambience. This is amplified by the electric reclining rear seats.

5. Lighting inspired by the solar system

The word ambience plays an important role in Polestar 4 design. As demonstrated by Maximilian, Polestar 4 allows you to select your own cosmic mood. From Venus to Mars, and back to Earth again, you’re able to choose the car’s ambience by changing the colour of the interior lighting.

Polestar 4 is now available for purchase in Europe and Australia and represents a new breed of SUV coupé, combining the best of both worlds. Order yours here.


Polestar Concecpt BST at Goodwood stand

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