Polestar 3 world premiere

We need to invite them in.

Every person who has an interest in electric mobility. Every driver looking for an SUV that defines electric performance through a distinct shape and excellent driving dynamics. Everyone concerned for the environment, those who choose the sustainable and the circular whenever possible. All the fans of design, enthusiasts of the minimalistic and admirers of the avant-garde. And those who just like to sit a little higher, have a little more presence on the road. We need to invite them in. Into Polestar 3, of course. But also into the Polestar universe.

And the launch of our electric SUV was the perfect opportunity to do that.

Copenhagen served as the ideal location. Easily accessed from multiple places via various sustainable transportation methods, the Danish capital was the optimal place to physically, as well as digitally, bring as many of the aforementioned in as we could.

The venue, therefore, needed to play host to more than just a stage, a screen, and an SUV (no matter how ground-breaking said SUV is). It needed to offer an immersive experience before the product was even revealed. Prints featuring details of Polestar 3 arranged in kaleidoscopic patters adorned the walls. Other stars from the Polestar constellation were also on display, namely the soon-to-be-produced Polestar 6, in its electric roadster concept form. And the music, composed specifically for the occasion by musician and frequent Polestar collaborator Lisa Nordström, expressed musically what the rest of the brand expresses visually.

The 160,000 m2 space, a former locomotive workshop, was transformed via hanging fabric walls into an extension of the Polestar universe. The minimalistic design language used to such great effect in spaces worldwide was even more striking when scaled up. A comparatively smaller room off the main hall served as the VIP room, with a wraparound version of the signature golden desk in front of two enormous white cubes.


Thomas Ingenlath delivers his keynote at the Polestar 3 world premiere.

Keynotes from Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath and Head of Design Maximilian Missoni provided in-depth breakdowns of the design and technology of Polestar 3; from Dolby Atmos demonstrations and SmartZone displays to performance figures, driving dynamics, and a psychological explanation as to why people like SUVs so much.

“My hope is that Polestar is going to make sustainability cool,” says Fully Charged Head of Automotive Jack Scarlett. “It’s not instead of luxury, it’s part of luxury. That’s where I think the brand will make a real impact.”

Bev Brown, an early EV adopter and current Polestar 2 owner, was more than impressed once the electric SUV was revealed. “I think I’m still too blown away,” she said when asked about her first impressions of Polestar 3. “My expectations, as someone who loves driving, is that it’ll be a driver’s car. And it certainly looks like it will be.”

A gong, rung by Events Manager Faye Austin-Nordin, marked both the symbolic and the actual start of the journey. And once the keynotes concluded, an eager crowd of over 900 invited guests approached the stage to get up close and personal with the SUV for the electric age.

The goal is, and always has been, to improve the society we live in by encouraging the shift to electric mobility. Getting as many people behind the wheel of an EV as possible is crucial in achieving this goal.

Modern, luxury electric vehicles that boast sustainable material solutions, such as Polestar 3, make the desirable choice and the right choice one and the same.

Events like its world premiere allow the public to get up close and personal with both the products and the brand, learning about the values behind the vehicles and converting more people to electric cars in general, and Polestar in particular. Which is exactly why we have events like this.

Because we need to invite them in.


Polestar 3 hits the road: First deliveries to customers

Excitement is in the air as Polestar celebrates a significant milestone: the first customer deliveries of the highly anticipated Polestar 3. Its arrival on the roads marks a new chapter in Polestar’s journey towards a sustainable, electrified future.