Going camping with an EV

It’s holiday season and everyone is busy planning their summer adventures. For many a camping holiday is the answer. The chance to experience the wonders of nature close up, sleep under a blanket of stars and show off your tent-pitching skills, is too good to pass up. An Electric Vehicle (EV) fits right in. It might even be your first zero-emissions holiday in a zero-emissions vehicle. With that in mind, we’ve written a few tips on how the Polestar 2 can make your time in the great outdoors even more enjoyable.

The sky and tall trees viewed from a courtyard surrounded by tall glass windows.

The enemy of any great camping trip is the weather. And there’s nothing worse than having to wait for the local farmer to pull your car to safety from a boggy field. In launch-edition spec, Polestar 2 comes with dual motors that drive all four wheels. Highly likely then that you’ll be asked to tow the farmer’s vehicle to safety, rather than the other way around. 

You can also fit a tow bar to your Polestar 2 as factory-fit option. With its 1500kg towing weight you can mount the family bike collection on a bike rack, pull a small boat or even a caravan. Maybe not all at the same time though. 

And if there’s one thing that the modern campsite has, it’s charging points. Bring your charging cable with you and you can connect to the electric outlet on your pitch in no time. And that’s great news for a number of reasons. Firstly, depending on which socket the campsite offers, you‘ll be able to top-up your EV battery without a single interruption to your summer evening. Secondly, you’ll be able to plug in your 12v fridge in the boot knowing all food supplies will remain fresh for the evening barbeque. 

And at the end of a long day Google Maps and the Google Assistant are on hand to help you plan tomorrow’s activities. Go on ask a few questions. Maybe even recline in the front seat while you’re there. A little stargazing through the panoramic glass roof may prove so relaxing that you end up staying the night in your EV, with the Polestar symbol illuminated above you.

One-star accommodation has never felt this good.


Polestar 2 in a square in Berlin

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