This Polestar 3 exterior colour tops the list

Choosing a colour is one of the most enjoyable decisions when getting a new car. That’s not to say it’s easy. Especially when you have to choose between stunning, ravishing, and equally striking. Although choosing from the curated colour palette for Polestar 3 probably wasn’t easy, the public has spoken. With a staggering 39 percent, one exterior colour tops the chart of configurated cars.

Talking Polestar 3 colours

Polestar 3, our new electric SUV, comes in a selection of muted, subtly modern exterior colours, ranging from crispy white in Snow to the powerful black Space. In between these two opposites, we find four more colours worthy of their names. A subtle, smooth Magnesium. The playfully energetic Jupiter. The rich, mysterious Midnight. And last but certainly not least, the capsulated power of Thunder.

We talked to Maximilian Missoni, Polestar’s Head of Design, about the design thinking behind the exterior colours, where he reveals his personal favourite.


Polestar 3 in Jupiter.
Complementing the body colour with golden seat belts, golden valve caps, the typography, the markings, is what really elevates it to a design theme, rather than just a coincidence
Maximilian Missoni, Polestar Head of Design
In an over-saturated world, stand out in monochrome

Fans of Polestar will have noticed that the colours black, white, and grey permeate everything from our ads to our products (and that vibrant colours are used with restraint). “Polestar has a very monochromatic colour palette. It’s high in contrast, which means we use a lot of black and white, and then there is a very subdued and monochromatic look to our products, which is very much on purpose,” says Maximilian.

The idea of a monochromatic brand identity, originating with Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath and Head of Brand Pär Heyden, was sprung from the notion that the world is such a big, busy, and overly stimulating place. In big cities, for instance, colours are always present, with people trying to outdo their neighbours in a kaleidoscopic show of flamboyance. Rather than try to beat them at their own game, it was decided that Polestar would stand out by embracing a high-contrast monochromatic colour palette. As for the products, it followed naturally that the cars have calm, muted exterior colours with distinct details.

“It was a very pragmatic decision, choosing this colour scheme,” says Maximilian. “Complementing the body colour with golden seat belts, golden valve caps, the typography, the markings, is what really elevates it to a design theme, rather than just a coincidence.”

Polestar 3 in Midnight.
Polestar 3 in Space.
To the left, Polestar 3 in Midnight. And to the right, Polestar 3 in Space.

Modern luxury, or at least the Scandinavian version of it, is characterised by restraint. Curated choices. Subdued colours. Natural materials. And it is within this space that the Polestar brand finds its affinity.

The colour choices don’t only resonate with the brand ethos, but consumers tend to appreciate them over more vibrant colours, Maximilian adds. At this point in the conversation, we had to know which is our Head of Design’s favourite exterior colour for Polestar 3 – and which has won the hearts of the public? 

Maximilian Misoni next to Polestar 3 in Snow.
Polestar 3 in Snow, in Madrid countryside.
I can definitely imagine a Polestar in red
Maximilian Missoni, Polestar Head of Design
The public has spoken (and so has our Head of Design)

Drumroll, please… As of June 2024, a total of 39 percent of Polestar 3 configurations had Magnesium as the exterior colour, making the subtle and silky-smooth Magnesium the public’s top colour.

But Maximilian has two favourite colours. Space and Snow. “I think Space is a good colour for Polestar 3. Considering the size of this car and the stance, you want to use the contrast in the design to your advantage. I think black does that very well for this car,” says Maximilian.

When asked about colours he’d never want to see on a Polestar, he answers diplomatically. “There is a whole range of highly saturated, less sophisticated colours that I would not really like to see on Polestars. However, I can definitely imagine a Polestar in red, so colour is not completely out of the question,” Maximilian confesses. “What I do like are families of colours that are very specific to a certain brand, such as British Racing Green, and that red is highly connected to the Italian brands. And for Polestar, white is that colour.”

Configure the Launch edition of Polestar 3 here. And for fans eager to see more curated Polestar colours, stay tuned for the Polestar 3 model year upgrade. 


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