Beyond the Road: Gordon Murphy

Welcome back to “Beyond the Road”, a content series in which we highlight the stories of Polestar owners from around the world. For the fifth episode, we meet Gordon Murphy as he joins the Polestar Arctic Experience in northern Sweden.

There are Polestar aficionados. And then there's Gordon Murphy – a Polestar enthusiast like few others.  Gordon’s journey with Polestar began in a rather unexpected fashion, mirroring the spontaneity and passion that characterises his approach to life.

Originally hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Gordon is currently a Chicago resident and loving it. "It’s a word-class city,” Gordon beams. “It has symphonies and orchestras and plays and musicals and multiple sports teams of every kind.

Gordon is as proud of his car as he is of his adopted city. But his car has proved to be a head-turner no matter where he is. Reflecting on the attention his Polestar garners, Gordon recalls, "When I first bought it, I lived in Texas at the time. I probably got stopped 100 times by people asking me what that car was and wanted to know more about it,” Gordon says with a smile. “It felt like being a small celebrity. It was really weird."

Portrait of Gordon Murphy.
Gordon Murphy driving a Polestar 2 in the Polestar Arctic Driving Experience.
Yeah, seems like a good deal. Should be fun. Why not fly across the ocean for a weekend?
Gordon Murphy, Polestar owner

Despite the initial embarrassment of being constantly approached about his car, his decision to choose Polestar was rooted in a deliberate process. His preference for sedans and admiration for Nordic brands led him to Polestar 2, a model that stood out in a market saturated with SUVs. Gordon was drawn to the sporty yet understated design of the Polestar 2, finding it a perfect blend of style and functionality.

"It's not ostentatious, but it's stylish,” Gordon muses. “That's what I was looking for."

Style is clearly a big driver of Gordon’s passion for Polestar. After a few minutes of conversation, one can discern a subtle nod to Scandinavian aesthetics, a trend that extends beyond his choice of automobiles. He humorously describes his personal style as a fusion of mid-century modern and Scandinavian influences, a style that carries over into his living space and, evidently, his vehicle preference. “I feel like I've got that weird mid-40s divorced dad aesthetic,” he laughs.


But his journey with Polestar took an unexpected turn when he found himself in Jokkmokk. A spontaneous decision driven by a desire for something unique, Gordon’s journey underscores the adventurous spirit that drives both him and Polestar as a brand.

As Gordon eagerly awaits the release of the Polestar 3, we cannot help but marvel at his enthusiasm for all things Polestar. He is a fan through and through.

Reflecting on his decision to participate in the Arctic adventure, Gordon recalls, "I kind of just did it on the spur of the moment and said, 'Yeah, seems like a good deal. Should be fun. Why not fly across the ocean for a weekend?'"

We couldn't agree more.

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