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Lane assistance

Lane assistance

The function of the Lane Keeping Aid (LKA) is to help the driver to reduce the risk of the car accidentally leaving its own lane on motorways and similar major routes.

Activating and deactivating lane assistance

The Lane Keeping Aid (LKA) function (LKA) is optional – the driver can choose to activate or deactivate this function. However, steering intervention will always be active for unbroken lines.

Difference between Pilot Assist and lane assistance

Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can help you to keep your car within its own lane and maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. Lane assistance(LKA) is a function which, in a similar way, can help you in some situations to reduce the risk of your car accidentally leaving its own lane.

Selecting assistance option for lane assistance

The driver can select how the Lane Keeping Aid (LKA) should react if the car leaves its lane.

Symbols and messages for lane assistance

A number of symbols and messages regarding lane assistance (LKA) can be shown on the driver display. Here are some examples.

Display mode for lane assistance

Lane assistance (LKA) is visualised by symbols in the driver display depending on the situation.

Limitations of Lane assistance

In certain demanding conditions lane assistance (LKA) may have difficulty helping the driver correctly. In such cases it is recommended to switch off this function.