Long range Dual motorLong range Dual motor with performance pack

AED 360,000

AED 410,000

Dual motor 360 kW

Dual motor 380kW

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive

360 kW / 483 bhp / 489 hp

380 kW / 510 bhp / 517 hp

840 Nm / 620 lb-ft

910 Nm / 671 lb-ft

5.0 seconds

4.7 seconds

210 kph / 130 mph

210 kph / 130 mph

628 km

560 km

19.8 - 21.8 kWh/100 km

22.1 - 23.0 kWh/100 km

Up to 2,200 kg / 3,500 lbs

Up to 2,200 kg / 3,500 lbs

400V lithium-ion battery, 111 kWh capacity, 17 modules

400V lithium-ion battery, 111 kWh capacity, 17 modules



Electric power steering with three modes: standard, firm and light 

Power-operated steering column 


All-wheel drive (AWD)


Brake-by-wire system with Brembo performance brakes  

Front: aluminium 4-piston callipers painted in Swedish gold, with ventilated 400-mm discs 

Rear: standard callipers painted in Swedish gold, with ventilated 390-mm discs


Aluminium front and rear axles


Active air suspension, dual volume (lowers automatically at higher speeds to improve aerodynamics)

Double wishbone front suspension 

Integral link rear suspension 

Turning circle

11.8 m (kerb to kerb)


Long range Dual motorLong range Dual motor with performance pack

202 mm (front) 201 mm (rear)

202 mm (front) 201 mm (rear)

2,985 mm

2,985 mm

4,900 mm

4,900 mm

1,614 mm

1,614 mm

1,016 mm

1,016 mm

1,879 mm

1,879 mm

636 mm

636 mm

788 mm

788 mm

Long range Dual motorLong range Dual motor with performance pack

1,094 mm

1,094 mm

1,673 mm (front) 1,655 mm (rear)

1,673 mm (front) 1,655 mm (rear)

1,968 mm

1,968 mm

2,120 mm

2,120 mm

Storage dimensions

Rear storage compartment

(A) Cargo width (between side pockets)

126 cm

(B) Cargo width (between wheel housings) 

111 cm

(C) Cargo length with seats in upright position

102 cm

(D) Cargo length with seats folded

188 cm

(E) Cargo height to inner roof

60 cm

(F) Floor to parcel shelf

66 cm

(G) Door openings

55 cm

Bottom rear storage compartment

(H) Cargo width lower shelf

78 cm

(I) Cargo width upper shelf

85 cm

(J) Cargo length lower shelf

23 cm

(K) Cargo length

42 cm

(L) Cargo height to luggage floor

20 cm

Front storage compartment

(M) Length

49 cm

(N) Width

72 cm

(O) Height back wall

29 cm

(P) Height front wall

12 cm


Wheel multi-spoke forged

22″ 4-Multi spoke black polished forged wheel



Wheel v spoke forged

22″ 4-V Spoke black polished forged wheel



Standard wheel

21″ 5-V Spoke black diamond cut wheel



20” 5-Double Spoke (Winter tire option)




Frameless mirrors 

Wide-angle view 

Electrically adjustable 


Automatically folding 

Automatically dimming


LED headlights 

Automatic levelling 

Daytime running lights 

Active High Beam

1.3 Megapixel HD LED headlights with high-pressure cleaning (optional)2


Infrared coating (front) 

Heated wipers with rain sensors (front and rear) 

Acoustic lamination

Door handles

Flush door handles, extended when the driver approaches the car


Easy entry and exit

Soft-close doors 


Flush glazing / windows with side window trim 

Privacy laminated acoustic rear windows

Clear laminated acoustic rear windows (option)


Front aero wing 

Rear aero wing 

Rear aero blades


Semi-electric towbar (available as an extra)


Upholstery materials

Animal welfare certified wool 

Bio-attributed MicroTech 

Animal welfare traced Nappa leather 

Interior themes

Bio-attributed MicroTech in Charcoal with aluminium deco

Animal welfare certified wool in Charcoal with aluminium deco 

Animal welfare traced Nappa leather in Jupiter with Black ash deco 

Animal welfare traced Nappa leather in Zinc with Black ash deco 


Sports comfort seats with power-operated multi-directional lumbar support, mechanical cushion extension and eight-way electric adjustment 

Centre console

14.5” large centre screen 

Central computing by NVIDIA 

Android Automotive OS 

Interior lighting

4 reading lights

Laser-edged white ambient light strip (gold with Performance pack)

Floor lighting


Electronic climate control, 3 zones 

Climate timers

Air filtering

Advanced air cleaning 

Air particulate matter sensor 


Steering wheel

Heated steering wheel 

Power-operated steering column

Drive selector

On steering column

Device charging

Wireless charging in front armrest

USB-C connectors (2 front, 2 rear)

Cup holders

4 cup holders (2 front, 2 rear)

Seat storage

Front seatback storage pockets 

Rear storage compartment

484 litres cargo capacity with seats up to top of seat backs, including under floor storage.  (597 litres up to roof)

1,411 litres cargo capacity with seats folded, including under floor

"Lid-in-lid" grocery bag holder

12V power outlet

Front storage compartment

32 litres


Battery capacity

111 kWh

250 kW DC¹

10-80% in 30 min

11 kW AC¹

0-100% in 11 hrs



9” driver display 

LCD screen 

Advanced lighting technique ensures the best visibility in all light conditions 


14.5” centre display 

LCD screen 

LCF (Light Control Film) anti-reflective, easy-to-clean coating 

Advanced lighting technique to ensure best visibility in all light conditions 


Head-Up-Display (HUD) 

Projects information onto the windscreen, in the driver's field of view 

9x3” display area (800x480 px) 

Advanced lighting technique to ensure best visibility in all light conditions

Audio system

Bowers & Wilkins for Polestar 


25 interior speakers


Digital radio DAB+


2x NFC key cards 

1x Ultra-wideband key



Internet connectivity

Over-the-air (OTA) updates

Polestar Connect 


Preventive safety

ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 

Understeer Control Logic 

Electronic Stability Control 

Driver Steering Recommendation 

Trailer Stability Assist 

Regenerative Stability Control 

Traction Control 

Corner Traction Control (through torque vectoring) 

Adaptive Cruise Control 

Pilot Assist 

Lane change assist

Speed limiter 

Collision avoidance / mitigation: 

  • With other vehicles 
  • With other vehicles at intersections 
  • With cyclists 
  • With pedestrians 

Night-time collision warning 

Lane Keeping Aid 

Lane Departure Warning 

Run-off Road Mitigation 

Oncoming Lane Mitigation 

Driver Alert Control 

Rear Collision Warning and Mitigation 

Cross Traffic Alert with brake support 

Park Assist Pilot

Blind Spot Information with steer assist 

Post-impact braking 

Direct tyre pressure monitoring system 

Protective safety

Boron steel safety cage

Mixed-material crumple zones for optimal energy absorption

Collapsible steering column

Automatic unlocking in a collision

Safety belt pre-tensioners

Safety belt load-limiters

Reversible retractor belts

Whiplash Injury Protection System

Alarm with inclination and interior motion sensors

9 airbags (front airbags, side airbags, inner-side airbags, inflatable curtains, knee airbag)

Cut-off switch for passenger airbag

Load securing eyelets

Electric child safety locks

iSize / ISOFIX mountings (rear seats) 

Emergency equipment

Fullsize Spare Wheel

First aid kit 

Warning triangle

Performance pack

Long range Dual motorLong range Dual motor with performance pack

360 kW / 489 hp (tuned for range and drivability)

380 kW / 517 hp (tuned for performance and drivability)


Polestar Engineered performance chassis

21” 5-V Spoke

22” 4-Multi Spoke forged

White ambient light strip

Gold ambient light strip

Standard seat belts

Swedish gold seat belts

Upgraded interior

Premium interior Upgraded interior

Animal welfare certified wool or Bio-attributed MicroTech in Charcoal

Ventilated, animal welfare traced Nappa leather seats in Jupiter or Zinc

Repurposed aluminium deco

Black ash deco

Eight-way adjustable front seats with memory function

Eight-way adjustable, ventilated front seats with memory- and massage function


Direct use CO₂ᵉ emissions⁴

Standard range Single motor: 0 g/km

Long range Single motor: 0 g/km


3-year vehicle warranty

Repair to or replacement of any part that fails due to faulty materials or manufacturing defects. 


Faults and deviations in the vehicle’s paint surface due to a defect in materials or paint application. 


First 3 years of ownership or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

8-year battery warranty

Any material defect in the lithium-ion battery pack. 

First 8 years of ownership or 160,000 km, whichever comes first.  

If the battery state of health (SoH) reduces below 70% of its original capacity within the first 8 years of ownership we will replace your battery free of charge. 

Service and maintenance

Service points

The specialists at our service locations have all the technical expertise a Polestar requires, ensuring that service and maintenance are completed to the highest standards. 

Find a nearby service point


Generally, Polestar 3 doesn't need to be serviced for up to 2 years or 30,000 km.

Its on-board diagnostics will notify the driver if additional service is necessary, and regularly scheduled over-the-air updates will keep Polestar 3’s operating system, apps and car systems as cutting-edge as when they were first released. 

Roadside assistance

Every new Polestar 3 comes with complementary roadside assistance.

  • 1. Preliminary figures. Subject to final certification
  • 2. In UAE all electric vehicles are measured against a standardised metric for range. The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) measures the range of a car travelling at an average speed of 46.5 km/h in summer temperatures from a 100% to 0% state of charge. The actual range achieved under real conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. The certified WLTP range is therefore usually not achievable in real life.
  • Please learn more about WLTP here.
  • 4. Direct use CO2e emissions: an electric vehicle produces no direct use emissions during everyday driving, however its indirect emissions depend on the type of electricity used to charge its battery. Read more about Polestar’s view on emissions.
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