An SUV that doesn’t handle like one. Polestar 3 has been exactingly engineered to reduce body roll and create a dynamic and balanced drive. Perfectly tuned suspension components, structural stiffness, real torque vectoring, and low battery- and motor placement ensure responsive handling and unparalleled road stability.  


Instant power. Balanced delivery. The Polestar 3 powertrain pairs two liquid-cooled, high-performance electric motors with computer-assisted power distribution, to provide optimal traction and control in all circumstances.

Long range Dual motor with Performance pack

Adding the Performance pack tunes the powertrain for responsiveness, providing 380 kW of power and maximum acceleration, with performance mode active by default. 

Power up to  
0-100 km/h  
Range up to  

Long range Dual motor

The standard powertrain is enhanced for range, with 360 kW of power and performance mode switched off. This allows the rear motor to disengage during coasting to reduce energy consumption.

Power up to  
0-100 km/h  
Range up to  

All-wheel drive

Effective power control, regardless of road surface or weather conditions. Polestar 3’s advanced electronic all-wheel drive system constantly adapts to the road conditions. 

Technical overview of the platform of the car with the two motors in place. 3D representation.

Torque vectoring

Polestar 3’s computer-controlled torque vectoring system constantly monitors for wheelspin and actively redistributes power to the wheel with more grip. This results in faster acceleration, higher cornering speeds and better traction on slippery surfaces.

Active air suspension

Replacing traditional dampers and springs, the dual chamber active air suspension provides enhanced handling and comfort by continuously adapting to sensor and driver input. The system also lowers the aerodynamic drag by reducing the ride height at speed and allows the driver to choose different suspension modes, using the centre display.

In a close-up of the centre display we see the performance mode screen with buttons for adjusting the motor and torque vectoring

Performance mode

Polestar 3 has a performance mode that adjusts the motor- and true torque vectoring management to deliver maximum power and acceleration at all times. Switching it off will optimise the powertrain for energy efficiency, also enabling more frequent disengagement of the rear motor to extend range.

Staggered wheel setup

Increased rear axle stability. Decreased body roll. Polestar 3 features a staggered wheel setup with wider rims and 295 mm tyres at the rear, further improving the car’s handling characteristics. 

Top-down view of the car on a grey background showing a graphical, x-ray of the staggered stance of the wheels.

22” forged wheels

Forged instead of cast, the 22” 4-Multi spoke wheels are lighter and stronger than conventional alloy wheels. Using a manufacturing technique originally developed for racing cars, the aluminium is pressed rather than melted, ensuring excellent handling and road contact. 

The 22” 4-Multi Spoke forged wheels are available with the Performance pack.

The Brembo logo is visible on the orange part of the wheel brake.

Brembo brakes

Standard on every Polestar 3, the high-performance Brembo brakes benefit from decades of competition experience and a long-time partnership with Polestar. The ventilated discs and four-piston aluminium front callipers offer increased rigidity and quick response at any temperature. 

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