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Featuring a large-capacity 111 kWh battery and highly efficient motor technology, the Polestar 3 powertrain is perfectly suited for travelling long distances, or making frequent urban trips. Drivers who prefer power and acceleration over range can add the Performance pack.

Long range Dual motor, up to*  
Long range Dual motor with Performance pack, up to*  
Polestar 3 driver display range factors.

Range factors

Driving style, weather, road conditions and the state of the car itself will all affect the real-world range of an EV. Pre-heating the cabin and battery while charging, smooth driving, and reducing speed are all effective ways to reduce energy consumption.

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Public charging

Polestar 3 is compatible with a variety of public charging points. Along the motorway, rapid DC charging stations can top up the battery in the time it takes to get lunch and a coffee. AC chargers often found at hotels, in city centres, and at the office are better suited to longer stays.

Charging time, from 10 to 80%*  

Save time by charging to 80%

On a long trip, it’s more effective to plug into a rapid DC charger twice , topping up to 80%, than to stop once and charge to 100%. The final 20% capacity of an EV's lithium-ion battery charges at a slower rate, extending the charging time.
Polestar 3 charging on a charging pole.

Charging network

Australia’s network of public charging locations ranges from dedicated charging stations to city-owned parking spaces and supermarkets. The number of charging points is growing rapidly, making EV ownership even easier.

EV charging network
Polestar 3, range and charging intelligent route planning shown on center display.

Battery-minded route planning

Because Polestar 3 comes with Google¹ built-in, the in-car Google Maps app automatically checks the battery level before giving directions. It then plans a route accordingly, including convenient charging options along the way.

Home charging

The most convenient and inexpensive way to charge an electric car is at home, using an AC wallbox. Polestar 3 works with any model and accepts power outputs up to 11 kW. Our select local home charging partners will ensure an uncomplicated transition to EV ownership.

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11 kW AC charger, from 0 to 100%*  
Cars parked in line seen from above.  One white car in the middle and black cars on both sides of it.

Charging without a private parking space

Plug into a nearby public charger, top up at work, or share a charging point with your neighbours. There are numerous alternatives if home charging is not an option.
Home charging alternatives

Extending the range

We put a lot of energy into making Polestar 3 use as little of it as possible. Features like regenerative braking, and pre-heating of the cabin and battery can optimise efficiency and extend real-world range.

Regenerative braking

Instead of turning useful braking energy into useless heat, regenerative braking turns it back into power to extend the car’s range. Each time the driver brakes, the battery recovers some of its charge.

Heat pump

The heat pump harvests thermal energy from the powertrain to warm up the cabin, putting waste heat to good use. It helps reduce the climate system’s energy demand, allowing the car to travel further on a single charge.

HMI is in focus, buttons to pre-configure the pre-entry climate control are visible.

Pre-entry climate control

Pre-heating or pre-cooling Polestar 3, with the car on charge, helps to save a significant amount of battery power while driving.

Centre display showing Performance mode is active.

Performance/range mode

Polestar 3’s powertrain can be optimised for efficiency by selecting range mode in the drive settings menu. Doing so activates the disconnect clutch, disengaging the rear motor at low and cruising speeds, to go the extra mile(s).

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