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Pure, progressive performance is our mantra. And it doesn’t just apply to our cars. It applies to our entire approach, allowing you to focus on what matters: enjoying a Polestar.

Pure, progressive performance is our mantra. And it doesn’t just apply to our cars. It applies to our entire approach, allowing you to focus on what matters: enjoying a Polestar.

Selecting your Polestar

Once you have chosen the Polestar that meets your specifications, you'll be able to apply for the financing option that suits you best.

No matter how you choose to finance your Polestar, you'll receive service from authorised service specialists using only genuine Polestar parts. With craftsmanship and dedication to excellence, they’ll make sure that you can enjoy years of pure, progressive performance. 

Polestar Guaranteed Future Value

A loan with a Guaranteed Future Value agreement is similar to a regular loan with a balloon payment at the end of the term. The difference is that Polestar will guarantee the minimum return value of the vehicle to ensure it covers the balloon repayment.

  • 01.

    With complimentary scheduled servicing

  • 02.

    No deposit and affordable repayments

  • 03.
    Peace of mind

    Know the future value and drive a vehicle that is always in warranty

If your vehicle has been well looked after, adheres to Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines and meets the agreed kilometre usage, you’ll know you won’t be out of pocket when trading your vehicle in to pay out the balloon payment. The GFV is available to eligible customers and terms and conditions apply.

The Guaranteed Future value agreement has benefits such as:

  • Flexibility for people who prefer a new Polestar regularly
  • It can lower your monthly repayments
  • Multiple options at the end of the loan
  • Provides peace of mind for the payout of your loan

When your loan term ends, you will have a number of options available to you:

  • Upgrade your Polestar for a new one
  • Retain your Polestar for yourself
  • Return your Polestar
Configure your car

Polestar Fixed Rate Loan

This is the typical loan to help you get the keys to your dream Polestar.

Repayments and interest rates are fixed, providing certainty over the course of your loan. Repayments can be made in monthly instalments, giving you the flexibility to manage your payment schedule.

Configure your car


Of course, the option to buy a Polestar in cash is always there, if you want to make a pure, progressive purchase. 


Have you considered insurance for your new Polestar? We are pleased to let you know that Huddle sells insurance for Polestar in Australia.

Click here to get a Huddle comprehensive car insurance quote for a new Polestar car.

Polestar Automotive Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 22 645 163 202 (Polestar) acts as a referrer to Huddle Insurance, a business name of Open Insurance Pty Ltd, ABN 23 166 949 444, AFSL no. 451712 (Huddle), which issues insurance on behalf of the insurer, The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL no. 241436.  Polestar only provides factual information, including about how to access Huddle’s products. By buying a Huddle policy using the quote link above, Polestar will receive a payment from Huddle of $100 to $115 for comprehensive car insurance (depending on cover option selected). Huddle provides Polestar with this payment directly, so it does not increase what you pay for your Huddle policy. When you press 'Click here' above, you will be taken to a website owned and operated by Huddle. Huddle's products have their own terms, limits and exclusions, so you should read their relevant PDS, FSG and TMD, which are available at The insurer’s underwriting criteria apply. Huddle’s quotes are valid for 30 days.


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