We've been all-in from the get-go. Committed to driving change towards a climate-neutral future in a new era of sustainable electric mobility.

Our sustainability ambition

We want to be the change we know needs to happen, and inspire the car industry to move in the same direction. That means improving, innovating, experimenting, and leaving no stone unturned in our ambition to create a future society that is climate-neutral, circular, transparent and inclusive.

Our sustainability strategy

As part of our strategy of designing towards zero, we have set ourselves a moonshot goal: to create a climate-neutral car by 2030. 

Our challenge will be to eliminate emissions from our supply chain and manufacturing processes, instead of relying on offsetting methods like tree-planting. Our goal is a car that leaves the factory gates with a zero-carbon footprint. 

And in the name of transparency, we'll chart our progress between now and then by introducing an industry-first product labeling. Starting with Polestar 2, we will be disclosing the carbon footprint and traced risk materials, on the company website and in Polestar Spaces. The labeling is something we aim to expand into including more sustainability indicators such as recycled or renewable content.

Polestar Annual Review 2020

Read our Annual Review for full details of our sustainability strategy, including the four key focus areas: climate neutrality, circularity, transparency, and inclusion.

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Sustainable innovation

If we want the automotive industry and society as a whole to move forward, we have to experiment. By trying new processes, materials and technologies, we'll reveal fresh possibilities and different ways of thinking.

Closing in on climate neutrality

We're not the first car brand pledging to rule out greenhouse gas emissions. But we are the first to explicitly define credible net-zero targets, spearheading a movement for transparency throughout the automotive industry.

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