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Polestar designers and engineers insist on quality, down to the smallest detail. No shortcuts. No compromises. Our service mechanics have the same conscientious attitude when it comes to maintenance and repairs, ensuring that Polestar cars only leave the workshop once everything is completed to the highest standards.

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Every Polestar service expert has the same obsession with detail as the designers and engineers who create our cars. They use only genuine Polestar parts to make sure that you can enjoy years of pure, progressive performance.

Dealing with defects

If there’s a manufacturing issue with your Polestar that requires repair, there’s no need for you to drive it to the nearest Polestar Authorized Service Point. We’ll arrange Pick-up and delivery at your home or workplace as a courtesy, and provide you with complimentary alternative transport while your car is being serviced. When you book a service appointment, just tell us the time that best fits your schedule and we’ll take care of everything else, for no extra charge.

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We like to strip away the inessential. Not only when we design and engineer our cars, but also when we develop our services. When you focus on what’s really important, you make space for small gestures that make a big difference. Like letting you know when your car is due for a service.

Scheduled maintenance

Every Polestar 2 comes with free, scheduled maintenance for the first three years of ownership, or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. Additional years or miles of scheduled maintenance can be purchased for 3 to 10 years from $603 to $2,668. You can also purchase additional years or miles on top of your warranty period from $2,737 to $3,274 for 5 to 7 years coverage and 100,000 miles limit. Polestar 1 owners can purchase an extra service contract for 3 scheduled maintenance occasions. Polestar Genuine Service covers safety and equipment checks, including labor, parts, software, cleaning, and Pick-up and delivery that suits your schedule.

Potential problems prevented

Predictive maintenance allows Polestar to anticipate potential problems and fix them before they happen. If you choose to enable it, your car can send information about its status and performance to us. We’ll use the data to remotely diagnose any potential issues, and notify you if service or maintenance is necessary. If you prefer not to share your information in this way, we’ll simply check your car at its regular services as usual.

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