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Storage and passenger compartment

Passenger compartment interior

Overview of the passenger compartment interior and storage spaces.

Electrical outlets

The trunk contains a 12 V electrical socket. If you experience any problems with an electrical socket, contact Polestar Customer Support.

Using the electrical outlets

The 12 V outlet can be used for devices intended for this, such as coolers.

Using the glove compartment

The glove compartment is located on the passenger side. The glove compartment can be used to store printed information, etc. There is also room for a pen and a card holder.

Sun visors

In the ceiling in front of the driver's and front passenger's seats, there are sun visors that can be lowered and angled to the side as necessary.

Tunnel console

The tunnel console is located between the front seats.

USB ports

There are two USB ports (type C) under the center display. There are also two USB ports (type C) in the rear section of the tunnel console.

Charging devices via USB ports

The USB ports can be used to charge devices such as phones or tablets.

Fuses under the glove compartment

Fuses under the glove compartment provide protection for e.g. electrical outlets, displays and door modules.